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Experiment GSE34637
Title: Methylation changes during soybean seed development
Description: To uncover the possible role of DNA methylation throughout all of seed development - from fertilization through dormancy and post-germination in soybean, we characterized the methylome of whole seeds representing the differentiation (GLOB and COT stages), maturation (early- [EM], mid- [MM] and late- [LM] maturation stages), pre-dormancy (PD1 and PD2 stages), dormancy (DRY stage), and post-germination (seedling) phases of soybean seed development using Illumina sequencing. In addition, we characterized the methylome of the cotyledons of germinated seedling to examine methylation differences before and after germination.
Platform: GPL15008
Type: Methylation_Bisulfite_Seq
Class: descriptive
Publication: Methylation Changes During Soybean Seed Development(Goldberg, R.B. et al. 2011a)
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