Monday, February 11
1:30   1:40   Katy Martin Rainey, Purdue Univ.   Welcome and announcements
1:40   2:10   Rich Joost, United Soybean Board   Update on USB Restructuring
2:10   2:50   Michelle Graham, USDA-ARS, Ames   Analysis of Rpp-4-like genes in legumes
3:10   3:25   Wayne Parrott (Univ. Georgia)   Outline for Genetic Stocks Repository
3:25   4:05   Andrew Bent, Univ. Wisconsin   Copy Number Variation of Multiple Genes at Rhg1 Mediates
Nematode Resistance in Soybean
4:05   4:45   Barbara Campbell & James Weatherly   Bowman vs. Monsanto and new challenges for plant IP
Patent Attorneys, Cochran Freund & Young LLC Denver, CO
4:45   5:15   Group Discussion from the Floor:   Expiration of the SCN MAS patents: When and Where?

Tuesday, February 12
General Session
   Chair, Public Breeder: Andrew Scaboo, Univ. Missouri
   Co-Chair, Public Pathologist: Kiersten Wise, Purdue Univ.

SESSION I: Soybean Viruses (Chair: Leigh Ann Harrison, Monsanto Co.)
8:05   8:30   Pengyin Chen, Univ. Arkansas   Genetics Of SMV Resistance
8:30   8:55   Ioaniss Tzanetakis, Univ Arkansas   SVNV
8:55   9:20   Said Ghabrial, Univ. Kentucky   TSV and BPMV-based VIGS
9:20   9:45   John Hill, Univ. Iowa   BPMV

SESSION II: Charcoal Rot (Chair: Terri Hughes, USDA-ARS, West Lafayette)
      Terri Hughes   Pathogen Diversity In Northern States
      Chris Little, Kansas State University   Evaluating Cultivar Resistance To Charcoal Rot
      John Rupe, Univ. Arkansas   Charcoal Rot

SESSION III: Sudden Death Syndrome (Chair: Leonor Leandro, Iowa State Univ.)
      Ahmad Fakhoury, So. Illinois Univ.   Genetics Of F. virguliforme
      Glen Hartman, USDA-ARS, Urbana   Improved Culture Filtrate Assay Screening
      Marty Chilvers, Mi State Univ.   Improved Diagnostic Assays For SDS
      Silvia Cianzio, Iowa State Univ.   Update On SDS Resistance

SESSION IV: Soybean Nematodes (Chair: Prakash Arelli, USDA-ARS, Jackson)
      Brian Diers, Univ. Illinois   Breeding For SCN Resistance In The Midwest
      Grover Shannon, Univ. Missouri   Breeding For SCN Resistance In The South
      Floyd Hancock, Monsanto Co.   Breeding For SCN Resistance: Private Sector
      Zenglu Li, Univ. Of Georgia   Root Knot Nematodes
      Bob Robbins, Univ. Of Arkansas   Reniform Nematode, A Southern Problem

Wednesday, February 13
8:05   8:35   Ben Fallen, Univ. Tennessee   Selective Genotyping For MAS Strategies For Soybean Yield Improvement
8:50   9:10   From The Floor   Retirements & Announcements
9:10   9:20   Committee Member   Soybean Germplasm Committee Report
9:20   9:30   Committee Member   Soybean Genetics Committee Report
9:30   9:45   David Grant, USDA-ARS, Ames   SoyBase Update