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Integrating Genetics and Genomics to Advance Soybean Research

Soybean Genomics Strategic Plan 2012-2016

A document outlining the SOYBEAN GENOMICS RESEARCH: A STRATEGIC PLAN FOR 2012-2016, which was edited by Roger Boerma with stakeholder input gathered during a USB sponsored Planning meeting on 27-28 July 2010 in St. Louis, can be downloaded in either Word or PDF format.

Relevant research accomplishments that address performance measures (research objectives) in the strategic plan are being collected from the entire soybean research community, and will be available HERE in a compiled report on a periodic basis. These reports are useful to agricultural policy makers, program managers of granting agencies, and commodity groups who evaluate research progress and develop new funding priorities for the application of soybean genomic and biotechnologies in all research disciplines.

If you wish to contribute to this database, please send published citations (including title, authors, affiliations, abstract) or notice of technology transfer events to George Graef, at your earliest convenience, and as available throughout the period of the current strategic plan.

The previous Strategic Plan can be found HERE.
The previous research accomplishment report, SoyGenStratPlan2008-2012-Accomplishments v1.6, is available HERE.

George L Graef
Katy Rainey
Richard F. Wilson