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P concentration, variable P 1-8
Parent 1:Nannong 94-156
Parent 2:Bogao
Interval length:2.9
Interval LOD score:3.33
Trait name:Phosphorus content

SourceAccession Number
Plant Trait OntologyTO:0001024
Plant OntologyPO:0000003

Shoot weight, dry, variable P
Plant weight, dry, variable P
P use efficiency, variable P
Plant height, variable P


Zhang et al. 2016aHigh-Density Genetic Mapping Identifies New Major Loci for Tolerance to Low-Phosphorus Stress in Soybean 
Front. Plant Sci. (2016) 7:372

GmComposite2003_G G61.3062.30See this QTL region in Sequence Browser

Gm08:13701139Parent_1High phosphorus efficiency
Gm08:13701139Parent_2Low phosphorus efficiency

F8:12 RIL

Nannong 94-156High phosphorus efficiency
BogaoLow phosphorus efficiency

P concentration, variable P 1-1
P concentration, variable P 1-2
P concentration, variable P 1-3
P concentration, variable P 1-4
P concentration, variable P 1-5
Acid phosphatase activity, variable P 1-7
Plant height, variable P 1-8


WinQTLCart 2.5

Locus was approximately placed on the SoyBase Composite2003 genetic map by comparing the given base pair range in the Wm82.a2 genome, identifying the nearest genetically mapped markers on each side of the given range, and interpolating the markerŐs position on the genetic map to a similar relative position.

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