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Proposed chromosome numbers to linkage group assignments.  Linkage group lengths in cM are based on the Soybean Consensus Map 3.0 produced by Perry Cregan's group at the USDA-ARS Soybean Genomics and Improvement Lab. The 11 initial linkage group to chromosome number assignments were made by Ted Hymowitz's group [Zou et al. (2003) Assignment of molecular linkage groups to soybean chromosomes by primary trisomics. Theor. Appl. Genet. 107:745-750 and citations therein]. The remaining 9 were given chromosome numbers in decreasing order of linkage group genetic length.

1D1a98.41previously assigned
2D1b140.63genetic length
3N99.51previously assigned
4C1112.32previously assigned
5A186.75previously assigned
6C2136.51genetic length
7M135.15genetic length
8A2146.67previously assigned
9K99.60previously assigned
10O132.89genetic length
11B1124.24genetic length
12H120.50genetic length
13F120.03previously assigned
14B2108.18genetic length
15E99.88genetic length
16J92.27genetic length
17D2119.19previously assigned
18G105.00previously assigned
19L101.14previously assigned
20I112.77previously assigned

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