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Soybean Genetics Committee

The Soybean Genetics Committee (SGC) ensures that names for newly characterized soybean genes are 1) assigned appropriately and 2) consistent with the SoyBase nomenclature requirements. In general gene names will be assigned in cases where evidence of Mendelian inheritance is presented to the Committee. Names for genes identified only by sequence similarity to a gene in another species are not typically considered by the Committee. In these cases please work with the SoyBase Curator for gene names.

The SGC meets annually at the Soybean Breeders Workshop. SGC members are elected by the current Committee for two year terms. Members can serve consecutive terms when appropriate. Nominations should be sent to the SGC Chair. Self nominations are welcomed.

Current Soybean Genetics Committee members are

Elroy CoberChairAgriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC)
Shaun CurtinUSDA-ARS
Milad EskandariUniv. of Guelph
Ben FallenClemson Univ.
David GrantUSDA-ARS
Zenglu LiUniv. of Georgia
Leandro Angel MozzoniBayer Crop Sciences
Qijian SongUSDA-ARS
Rex NelsonUSDA-ARS