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2'-hydroxyisoflavone reductase activity2-hydroxyisoflavanone dehydratase activity
2-hydroxyisoflavanone synthase activity

3,4-dichloropropionanilide sensitivity

4-Coumarate:CoA ligase activity

6'-deoxychalcone synthase activity6-phosphogluconate dehydratase activity

Abiotic Stress ResistanceAbnormal seedling
Acetolactate synthase activityAcid detergent fiber content
Acid phosphatase activityAconitate activity
Acyl-ACP thioesterase activityAcyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase activity
Adventitious LeavesAdventitious roots
Adventitious ShootsAlcohol dehydrogenase activity
ALFIN like transcription factor activityAlpha-amylase activity
Alternative oxidase activityAluminum and magnesium sensitivity
Aluminum ToleranceAmino Acid Composition
Aminoalcoholphosphotransferase activityAmylase activity
Anilide herbicide sensitivityAnthocyanidin content
Anthocyanidin reductase activityAntibiosis
Antioxidant contentAntixenosis
AP2 like transcription factor activityApical dominance
Apyrase activityARID type transcription factor activity
AsynapsisAUX/IAA type transcription factor activity

B3 like transcription factor activityBacterial Disease Resistance Traits
Basic helix-loop-helix like transcription factor activityBasic leucine zipper transcription factor activity
BBR-BPC like transcription factor activityBentazone Sensitivity
BES1 like transcription factor activityBeta-amylase activity
Beta-ketoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase I activityBeta-phosphoglucomutase activity
Bicellular stageBiotic Stress Resistance
Boron contentBowman-Birk proteinase inhibitor activity
Brachytic StemBranching
Brittle bean syndromeBud proliferation

C2C2 zinc finger like transcription factor activityC2H2 like transcription factor activity
C3H like transcription factor activityCaffeate O-methyltransferase activity
Calcium contentCalcium-dependent protein kinase activity
CAMTA like transcription factor activityCanopy coverage
Canopy HeightCanopy Width
Canopy wiltCarbon fixation
Carbon Isotope DiscriminationCarotenoid content
CCAAT-box binding transcription factor activityCell wall polysaccharide composition
Chalcone isomerase activityChalcone synthase activity
ChasmogamyChilling induced seed coat color
Chloride ion sensitivityChlorimuron Ethyl Sensitivity
Chlorophyll contentChlorophyll transient fluorescence
ChlorosisChlorosis Score
Chromosome NumberCleistogamy
Cold stress resistanceCopper content
Cotyledon aconitate activityCotyledon color
Cotyledon development stagesCotyledon Morphology
Cotyledon senescencecpDNA Diversity
CPP like transcription factor activityCrude fat content
Crude protein contentCyclophilin activity
Cysteine protease activityCytochrome C oxidase activity

DBB like transcription factor activityDelta-8 sphingolipid desaturase activity
Delta-twelve fatty acid desaturase activityDesynapsis
Determinant stemDeterminate Root Nodule Growth Habit
Dihydrodipicolinate synthase activityDihydroflavonol 4-reductase activity
Dinitroaniline herbicide sensitivityDisease Resistance
DNA helicase activityDof zinc finger transcription factor activity
Drought Susceptibility IndexDrought Tolerance

E2F-DP like transcription factor activityEarly Shattering Score
EIL like transcription factor activityEmbryo Abortion
EmergentEndopeptidase activity
Enzymatic activityErect cotyledon
Esterase activityExpressed during nodulation
Expressed early in nodulation

FAR1 like transcription factor activityFasciated Stem
Fatty acid binding protein activityFatty acid desaturase activity
Female sterileFerredoxin nitrite reductase activity
Ferric leghemoglobin reductase activityFirst flower
Flavanone contentFlavonoid 3'-hydroxylase activity
flavonoid 3'5'-hydroxylase activityFlavonoid glycoside glycosyltransferase activity
Flavonoid hydrolase activityFlavonol 3-O-glucoside (1->6) rhamnosyltransferase activity
Flavonol 3-O-glucoside/galactoside (1->2) glucosyltransferase activityFlavonol 3-O-glucoside/galactoside (1->6) glucosyltransferase activity
Flavonol contentFlavonol synthase activity
Flavonone 3-hydroxylase activityFlooding Tolerance
Flooding yield indexFloral Abscission
Floral meristem developmentFlower Color
Flower development traitsFlower flavonol content
Flower formFlower morphology and anatomy traits
Flower NumberFlowering Date
Flux ratio of trapping per absorption (TRo/ABS)Fungal Disease Resistance Traits
Fungal protein interaction activityFused leaflets

GARP-ARR-B like transcription factor activityGARP-G2-like transcription factor activity
GATA1 like zinc finger transcription factor activityGeBP like transcription factor activity
Germination Timegibberellin 2-beta-dioxygenase activity
gibberellin 20-oxidase activitygibberellin 3-beta-dioxygenase activity
Gibberellin biosynthesis activityGlucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity
Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase activityGlutamate oxaloacetate transaminase activity
Glutamate-1-semialdehyde aminotransferase activityGlutamine synthetase activity
Glutamyl-tRNA reductase activityGlycerol transmembrane transporter activity
GRAS transcription factor activityGravitropism
GRF like transcription factor activity

HB like transcription factor activityHB-BEL like transcription factor activity
HB-HD-ZIP like transcription factor activityHB-Knox like transcription factor activity
HB-PHD like transcription factor activityHB-WOX like transcription factor activity
Heat stress resistanceHeight/Lodging
HeliotropismHerbicide sensitivity
Hilum abscissionHilum Color
Histone H3 activityHRT like transcription factor activity
HSF like transcription factor activityHydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase activity
Hypocotyl ArchitectureHypocotyl Color
Hypocotyl diameterHypocotyl Length
Hypocotyl MorphologyHypocotyl weight

Indeterminant stemIndeterminate Root Nodule Growth Habit
Index of ParasitismInorganic salt sensitivity
Inter-branch lengthInternode length
Intramolecular phosphotransferase activityIodine Number
Ion transmembrane transporter activityIron content
Iron EfficiencyIsocitrate dehydrogenase activity
Isocitrate dehydrogenase NAD dependent activityIsocitrate dehydrogenase NADP dependent activity
isoflavone 2'-hydroxylase activityisoflavone 4'-O-methyltransferase activity
Isoflavone content

Lactoylglutathione lyase activityLate Shattering Score
Lateral Branch ArchitectureLateral Branch Diameter
Lateral Branch LengthLateral Branch Morphology
Lateral root lengthLateral Root Morphology
Lateral root numberLateral root shape
Lateral root sizeLateral roots absent
LBD like transcription factor activityLeaf Necrosis
Leaf AbscissionLeaf Number
Leaf phosphorus contentLeaf Scorch
Leaflet alkaloid contentLeaflet area
Leaflet ArrangementLeaflet ash content
Leaflet chlorophyll contentLeaflet Chlorosis
Leaflet ColorLeaflet flavonol content
Leaflet growth and development traitsLeaflet Length
Leaflet marginLeaflet Morphology
Leaflet numberLeaflet shape
Leaflet surface formLeaflet thickness
Leaflet trigonelline contentLeaflet weight
Leaflet WidthLeghemoglobin content
Leucyl aminopeptidase activityLFY like transcription factor activity
Light energy absorbed per reaction center (ABS/RC)Light sensitivity
LIM like transcription activation activitylinoleate 13S-lipoxygenase activity
linoleate 9S-lipoxygenase activityLipoxygenase activity
LodgingLong Juvenile
LUG like transcriptional repressor activityLysine specific demethylase activity

MachismoMADS-box transcription factor activity
Magnesium chelatase activityMagnesium content
Main Stem ArchitectureMain Stem Diameter
Main stem growth traitsMain Stem Length
Main Stem MorphologyMain Stem Number
Main stem shapeMalate dehydrogenase activity
Male sterileMalonyl-CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase activity
Manganese contentManganese induced leaflet necrosis
Manganese induced root necrosisManganese ion sensitivity
Mannose-6-phosphate isomerase activityMature cotyledon
Maturity groupMaximum quantum yield of PSII primary photochemistry (Fv'/Fm'), Light-adapted
Maximum quantum yield of PSII primary photochemistry (Fv/Fm), dark-adaptedmetal ion transmembrane transporter activity
Metalloendopeptidase activityMethyltransferase activity
Metribuzin SensitivityMicrosporocyte stage
Mineral contentMiscellaneous Soybean Morphological Traits
Miscellaneous Soybean TraitsMYB transcription factor activity

NAC like transcription factor activityNADH dehydrogenase activity
Nematode ResistanceNet photosynthetic rate
Neutral detergent fiber contentNF-YA like transcription factor monomer activity
NF-YB like transcription factor monomer activityNF-YC like transcription factor monomer activity
NFX1 like transcription factor activityNitrate assemilation
Nitrate reductase activityNitrate repression of nodulation
Nitrogen contentNode Number
NOZZLE like transcription factor activity

OFP like transcription factor activityOil content
Omega-3 fatty acid desaturase activityOmega-6 fatty acid desaturase activity
Ovule AbortionOzone sensitivity
Ozone sensitivity, leaflet

Pectin contentPendimethalin Sensitivity
Performance index on absorption basis (PIabs)Peribacteroid zinc ion transporter activity
Peroxidase activityPetiole color
Petiole lengthPetiole Morphology
Petiole pulvinus colorPetiole pulvinus morphology
Petiole ShapePetiole Size
Petiolule LengthPetiolule Morphology
Petiolule ShapePetiolule Size
pH SensitivityPhenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity
phosphatidylethanolamine bindingphosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity
Phosphoglucomutase activityPhosphomannomutase-phosphoglucomutase activity
Phosphorus acquisition efficiencyPhosphorus content
Phosphorus use efficiencyPhotoperiod sensitivity
phytoene desaturase activityPhytohormone response
Phytohormone transmembrane transporter activityPhytoplasma disease resistance traits
Plant HeightPlant weight
Plant weight, dryPlant weight, fresh
PLATZ like transcription factor activityPod color
Pod growth and development traitsPod length
Pod MorphologyPod Number
Pod phosphorus contentPod wall weight
Pod wall widthPod weight
Pod weight ratioPodless
Pods Per NodePods per plant
Pollen Developmental StagesPolygalacturonase inhibitor activity
Porphobilinogen synthase activityPotassium channel activity
Potassium contentPrimary Root Length
Primary Root MorphologyPrimary root number
Primary Root ShapePrimary Root Size
Proanthocyanidin contentProbability a trapped excitation moves an electron beyond Qa- (ETo/TRo)
Probability an electron reduces an end acceptor at PSI electron acceptor sideProtein content
Protein tyrosine phosphatase activityProteinase inhibitor activity
Pubescence ColorPubescence Density
Pubescence FormPubescence Length
Pubescence sizePubescence stature
Pubescence tip typePubescence Traits
Pubescence widthPyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase activity

Quantum yield of electron transport (ETo/ABS)

R/V photothermal sensitivityR3 Beginning pod
R5 Beginning SeedR7 Beginning Maturity
R8 Full MaturityRadiation sensitivity
Reaction to Abutilon Mosaic Virus Infection (AbMV)Reaction to Achrya rantalis
Reaction to AcidityReaction to Acrosternum hilare
Reaction to African Soybean Dwarf Virus Infection (SbDV)Reaction to Agotis ipsilon
Reaction to Alfalfa Mosaic Virus Infection (AMV)Reaction to Alkalinity
Reaction to Alternaria alternata infectionReaction to Alternaria infection
Reaction to Alternaria tenussima infectionReaction to Anticarsia gemmatalis
Reaction to Aphis craccivoraReaction to Aphis glycines
Reaction to Aphis gossypiiReaction to Aphis species
Reaction to Aphis spraecolaReaction to Aristastoma comarographioides infection
Reaction to Aristastoma guttulosom infectionReaction to Aristastoma infection
Reaction to Arkoola nigra infectionReaction to Ascochyta infection
Reaction to Ascochyta phaseolorum infectionReaction to Ascochyta sajaecola infection
Reaction to Ascochyta sojae infectionReaction to Athelia rolfsii infection
Reaction to Aulacorthum solaniReaction to Aulacorthum solani, choice
Reaction to Aulacorthum solani, no choiceReaction to Azuki Mosaic Virus Infection (AzMV)
Reaction to Bacillus infectionReaction to Bacillus subtilis infection
Reaction to Bean Chlorotic Ringspot virus Infection (BCRV)Reaction to Bean Common Mosaic Virus Infection (BCMV)
Reaction to Bean Pod Mottle Virus Infection (BPMV)Reaction to Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus Infection (BYMV)
Reaction to Bemisia tabaciReaction to Black Gram Mottle Virus Infection (BMoV)
Reaction to Blackeye Cowpea Mosaic Virus Infection (BICMV)Reaction to Botrytis cinerae infection
Reaction to Calomycterus setariusReaction to Cercospora daizu infection
Reaction to Cercospora infectionReaction to Cercospora kikuchii infection
Reaction to Cercospora melonis infectionReaction to Cercospora sojina infection
Reaction to Cercospora vignicola infectionReaction to Cerotoma trifurcata
Reaction to Choanephora infundibulifera infectionReaction to Colaspis brunnea
Reaction to Colaspis floridanaReaction to Colaspis louisianae
Reaction to Colaspis speciesReaction to Colias eurytheme
Reaction to Colletotrichum coccodes infectionReaction to Colletotrichum dematium infection
Reaction to Colletotrichum infectionReaction to Colletotrichum truncatum infection
Reaction to Corynebacterium floccumfaciens infectionReaction to Corynebacterium infection
Reaction to Corynespora cassiicola infectionReaction to Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus Infection (CCMV)
Reaction to Cowpea Mild Mottle Virus Infection (CMMV)Reaction to Cowpea Mosaic Virus Infection (CPMV)
Reaction to Cowpea severe mosaic Virus Infection (CPSMV)Reaction to Cucumber Mosaic Virus Infection (CuMV)
Reaction to Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv flaccumfaciens infectionReaction to Curtobacterium infection
Reaction to Curvularia infectionReaction to Curvularia lunata infection
Reaction to Curvularia lunata var aeria infectionReaction to Dactuliochaeta glycines infection
Reaction to Dectes texanus ssp. texanusReaction to Delia platura
Reaction to Diabrotica balteataReaction to Diabrotica species
Reaction to Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardiReaction to Diaporthe infection
Reaction to Diaporthe longicolla InfectionReaction to Diaporthe phaseolorum infection
Reaction to Diaporthe phaseolorum var caulivora InfectionReaction to Diaporthe phaseolorum var meridionalis Infection
Reaction to Diaporthe phaseolorum var sojae InfectionReaction to Diaporthe sojae Infection
Reaction to Drechslera glycines infectionReaction to Elasmopalpus lignosellus
Reaction to Empoasca fabaeReaction to Epicauta funebris
Reaction to Epilachna varivestisReaction to Euschistus servus
Reaction to Feltia ducensReaction to Frankliniella tritici
Reaction to Fusarium infectionReaction to Fusarium oxysporum f sp tracheiphilum infection
Reaction to Fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum infectionReaction to Fusarium oxysporum infection
Reaction to Fusarium pallidoroseum infectionReaction to Fusarium solani f sp glycines infection
Reaction to Fusarium solani infectionReaction to Fusarium tricinctum infection
Reaction to Gibberella zeae infectionReaction to Gliochadium roseum infection
Reaction to Glomerella cingulata infectionReaction to Glomerella glycines infection
Reaction to Glomerella infectionReaction to Halticus bractatus
Reaction to Helicoverpa zeaReaction to Heliothis virescens
Reaction to Heterodera glycinesReaction to Hoplolaimus columbus
Reaction to Hoplolaimus galeatusReaction to Hoplolaimus magnistylus
Reaction to Hoplolaimus speciesReaction to Hypera punctata
Reaction to Indonesian Soybean Dwarf Virus Infection (ISDV)Reaction to insect
Reaction to Lamprosema indicataReaction to Leptosphaerulina trifolii infection
Reaction to Lygus lineolarisReaction to Macrophomina phaseolina infection
Reaction to Maruca vitrataReaction to Melanagromyza sojae
Reaction to Melanoplus differentialisReaction to Melanoplus femurrubrum
Reaction to Melanoplus speciesReaction to Melanotus
Reaction to Meloidogyne arenariaReaction to Meloidogyne hapla
Reaction to Meloidogyne incognitaReaction to Meloidogyne javanica
Reaction to Meloidogyne speciesReaction to Microsphaera diffusa infection
Reaction to Mung Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus Infection (MYMV)Reaction to Mycoleptodiscus terrestris infection
Reaction to Mycosphaerella infectionReaction to Mycosphaerella phaseolorum infection
Reaction to Mycosphaerella uspenskajae infectionReaction to Myrothecium infection
Reaction to Myrothecium roridum infectionReaction to Myrothecium verrucaria infection
Reaction to Myzus persicaeReaction to Nematospora coryli infection
Reaction to Nematospora infectionReaction to Nematospora lycopersici infection
Reaction to Neocosmospora vasinfecta infectionReaction to Nezara viridula
Reaction to Odontota dorsalisReaction to Odontota horni
Reaction to Odontota speciesReaction to Ophiomyia centrosematis
Reaction to Ophiomyia phaseoliReaction to Ophiomyia species
Reaction to Papaipema nebrisReaction to Peanut Mottle Virus Infection (PeMoV)
Reaction to Peanut Stripe Virus Infection (PStV)Reaction to Peanut Stunt Virus Infection (PSV)
Reaction to Peridroma sauciaReaction to Peronospora infection
Reaction to Peronospora manshurica infectionReaction to Peronospora sojae infection
Reaction to Phakopsora infectionReaction to Phakopsora meibomiae infection
Reaction to Phakopsora pachyrhizi infectionReaction to Phialophora gregata infection
Reaction to Phoma exigua infectionReaction to Phyllophaga congrua
Reaction to Phyllophaga implicitaReaction to Phyllophaga rugosa
Reaction to Phyllophaga speciesReaction to Phytophthora infection
Reaction to Phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea infectionReaction to Phytophthora nicotianae infection
Reaction to Phytophthora sojae infectionReaction to Plathypena scabra
Reaction to Pleosphaerulina sojicola infectionReaction to Pleospora allii infection
Reaction to Pleospora herbarum infectionReaction to Pleospora infection
Reaction to Pleospora tarda infectionReaction to Popilliae japnoica
Reaction to Pseudomonas adropogonis infectionReaction to Pseudomonas adropogonis pv sojae infection
Reaction to Pseudomonas infectionReaction to Pseudomonas savastanoi infection
Reaction to Pseudomonas savastanoi pv glycinea infectionReaction to Pseudomonas solanacearum infection
Reaction to Pseudomonas syringae infectionReaction to Pseudomonas syringae pv glycinea infection
Reaction to Pseudomonas syringae pv phaseolicola infectiionReaction to Pseudomonas syringae pv tobaci infection
Reaction to Pseudoplusia includensReaction to Pythium infection
Reaction to Pythium aphanidermatum infectionReaction to Pythium debaryanum infection
Reaction to Pythium irregulare infectionReaction to Pythium ultimum infection
Reaction to Ralstonia infectionReaction to Ralstonia solanacearum infection
Reaction to Rhapalosiphum padiReaction to Rhapalosiphum species
Reaction to Rhopalosiphum maidisReaction to Rivellia quadrifasciata
Reaction to Rotylenchulus reniformisReaction to Sclerotinia infection
Reaction to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum infectionReaction to Sericothrips variabilis
Reaction to Soybean Chlorotic Mottle Virus Infection (SbCmV)Reaction to Soybean Crinkle Leaf Virus Infection (SCLV)
Reaction to Soybean Dwarf Virus Infection (SbDV)Reaction to Soybean Mild Mosaic Virus Infection (SMMV)
Reaction to Soybean Mosaic Virus Infection (SMV)Reaction to Soybean Severe Stunt Virus Infection (SSSV)
Reaction to Soybean Stunt Virus Infection (SSV)Reaction to Soybean Yellow Vein Virus Infection (SbYVV)
Reaction to Sphaceloma glycines infectionReaction to Spilosma virginica
Reaction to Spissistilus festinusReaction to Spodoptera exigua
Reaction to Spodoptera frugiperdaReaction to Spodoptera litura
Reaction to Spodoptera ornithogalliReaction to Spodoptera species
Reaction to Sumitosis roseaReaction to Tetranychus pacificus
Reaction to Tetranychus speciesReaction to Tetranychus urticae
Reaction to Thanatephorus cucumeris infectionReaction to Thielaviopsis basicola infection
Reaction to Tobacco Mosaic Virus Infection (TMV)Reaction to Tobacco Ringspot Virus Infection (TRSV)
Reaction to Tobacco Streak Virus Infection (TSV)Reaction to Trichoplusia ni
Reaction to Vanessa carduiReaction to Xanthomonas axonopodis infection
Reaction to Xanthomonas axonopodis pv glycines infectionReaction to Xanthomonas campestris infection
Reaction to Xanthomonas campestris pv glycines infectionReaction to Xanthomonas campestris pv phaseoli infection
Reaction to Xanthomonas infectionReaction to Xanthomonas phaseoli infection
Reaction to Xanthomonas phaseoli var sojensis infectionReproductive period
Reproductive period photothermal sensitivityReproductive stage length
Reproductive stage, fieldReproductive to vegetative period ratio
Response to Bradyrhizobium japonicum lipochitooligosaccharideResponse to Bradyrhizobium elkanii.
Response to Bradyrhizobium japonicum.Response to Bradyrhizobium liaoningense.
Response to Bradyrhizobium species.Response to ethylene gas
Response to jasmonic acidResponse to Mesorhizobium species.
Response to Mesorhizobium tianshanense.Response to red light
Response to salicylic acidResponse to Sinorhizobium fredii.
Response to Sinorhizobium species.Response to UV light
Rhizobium responseRNA polymerase II activity
RNA polymerase II transcription factor activityRoot color
Root dry weight to shoot dry weight ratioRoot fluorescence
Root GravitropismRoot growth and development traits
Root lengthRoot length, coarse
Root length, fineRoot length, medium
Root MorphologyRoot Nodulation
Root nodulation absentRoot Nodule Color
Root Nodule GrowthRoot Nodule Morphology
Root nodule numberRoot Nodule Size
Root nodule weightRoot nodule weight, dry
Root nodule weight, freshRoot number
Root phosphorus contentRoot Surface Area
Root surface area, coarseRoot surface area, fine
Root surface area, mediumRoot volume
Root volume, coarseRoot volume, fine
Root volume, mediumRoot Weight
Root weight, dryRoot weight, fresh
Row spacing responseRWP-RK like transcription factor activity

S1FA like transcription factor activitySaccharide:Di content
Saccharide:mono contentSaccharide:oligo content
Saponin contentSBP like transcription factor activity
Secondary BranchingSeed 2AP content
Seed acidic glycinin subunit contentSeed alanine content
Seed alpha-linolenic acid contentSeed alpha-tocopherol content
Seed arabinose contentSeed arabinose-galactose content
Seed arginine contentSeed asparagine content
Seed aspartic acid contentSeed basic glycinin subunit content
Seed beta-conglycinin alpha-prime subunit protein contentSeed beta-conglycinin alpha-subunit protein content
Seed beta-conglycinin beta-subunit protein contentSeed beta-conglycinin protein content
Seed cadmium concentrationSeed calcium content
Seed chlorophyll contentSeed coat color
Seed coat crackingSeed Coat Hardness
Seed Coat LusterSeed Coat Mottling
Seed coat peroxidase activitySeed coat saddle
Seed coat subtilisin activitySeed cold stress resistance
Seed cystatin contentSeed cysteine content
Seed daidzein contentSeed delta-tocopherol content
Seed development traitSeed dormancy
Seed filling periodSeed flavanone content
Seed flavonol contentSeed fucose content
Seed galactose contentSeed gamma-tocopherol content
Seed genistein contentSeed glucose content
Seed glutamic acid contentSeed glutamine content
Seed glycine contentSeed glycinin and beta-conglycinin content
Seed glycinin contentSeed glycinin to beta-conglycinin ratio
Seed glycitein contentSeed hardness
Seed heightSeed histidine content
Seed isoflavone contentSeed isoleucine content
Seed Kunitz trypsin inhibitor activitySeed lectin content
Seed lengthSeed length to height ratio
Seed length to width ratioSeed leucine content
Seed linoleic acid contentSeed linolenic acid content
Seed liquiritgenin contentSeed long-chain fatty acid content
Seed lysine contentSeed maturation and dessication trait
Seed meal contentSeed methionine and cysteine content
Seed methionine contentSeed Morphology
Seed naringenin contentSeed nickel content
Seed nitrogen contentSeed nitrogen content at growth stage R5
Seed nitrogen content at growth stage R6Seed nitrogen content at growth stage R7
Seed NumberSeed oil content
Seed oil plus protein contentSeed oil/protein ratio
Seed oleic acid contentSeed oleosin content
Seed palmitic acid contentSeed palmitic+stearic acid content
Seed phenylalanine contentSeed phosphorus content
Seed phytate contentSeed proline content
Seed protein contentSeed Quality
Seed raffinose contentSeed saponin content
Seed serine contentSeed Set
Seed ShapeSeed size
Seed soluble oligosaccharidesSeed stachyose content
Seed stearic acid contentSeed storage protein content
Seed sucrose contentSeed surface form
Seed threonine contentSeed tocopherol content
Seed tryptophan contentSeed tyrosine content
Seed valine contentSeed verbascose content
Seed viabilitySeed weight
Seed weight per plantSeed width
Seed width to height ratioSeed yield
Seed yield/Plant heightSeeds per plant
ShatteringShoot boron content
Shoot calcium contentShoot copper content
Shoot iron contentShoot magnesium content
Shoot manganese contentShoot Morphology
Shoot phosphorus contentShoot potassium content
Shoot sulfur contentShoot weight
Shoot weight ratioshoot weight, dry
shoot weight, freshShoot zinc content
Sodium ion sensitivitySodium ion transmembrane transporter activity
Soluble amino acid contentSomatic embryo growth and development
Somatic embryogenesisSomatic embryogenesis efficiency
Somatic embryos per explantSoybean Biochemical Traits
Soybean Development StagesSoybean Fertility or Sterility Traits
Soybean Growth and Development TraitsSoybean Morphology and Anatomy Traits
Soybean Quality TraitsSoybean Stress Resistance Traits
Soybean Trait TermsSoybean Yield Traits
Specific leaflet areaSpecific leaflet nitrogen content
Specific leaflet weightSphingolipid delta-8 desaturase activity
Sprout yieldSRS like transcription factor activity
Starch contentSTAT like transcription factor activity
Stem ChlorosisStem Gravitropism
Stem strengthStem Termination Type
Submergence survival rateSulfate transmembrane transporter activity
Sulfonylurea herbicide sensitivitySulfur content
SupernodulationSuperoxide dismutase activity

TCP like transcription factor activityTemperature stress resistance
Tetrad stageTFIIIA type zinc finger transcription factor activity
TIFY like transcription factor activityTotal growth duration
Trailing growthtrans-cinnamate 4-monooxygenase activity
Transcription factor activitytranscription regulatory activity
Transcriptional activator activityTranscriptional repressor activity
Transporter activityTriazinone herbicide sensitivity
Tricellular stageTrichome flavonol content
Trihelix like transcription factor activityTUB like transcription factor activity
Twining date

ULT like transcription factor activityUpper pubescence type
Urea transmembrane transporter activityUrease activity
Uriede contentUV-B induced leaflet chlorosis
UV-B induced leaflet shape responseUV-B induced plant damage

Vegetative periodViral Disease Resistance

Water transmembrane transporter activityWater Use Efficiency
Waterlogging responseWitches broom
WRKY transcription factor activity

Xyloglucan endotransglycosylase activity

Zinc content

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