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SoyBase Gene Model Data Mining and Analysis

SoyBase contains considerable information about the Wm82 gene models. While much of this is available from the individual text report pages, it is often the case where collecting such information using a one-by-one approach is not optimal, for example when a list of genes identified in an expression study needs to be compared. To address this we have developed a number of tools that accept a list of gene model names (i.e. Glyma.09g044600) and return analyses based on the entire list.

The underlying algorithms for this report come from Morales et al. (2013)

Working with Glyma 1.0 Gene Models?
The GO Enrichment tool only accepts Wm82.a4 (i.e. Wm82.a4.v1) gene model names. Wm82.a1 or Wm82.a2 names can be converted to their Wm82.a4 equivalents here.

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Morales et al. (2013)
Functional Plant Biology 40:1029-1047

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