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    where GM = genus & species abbreviation, in this case Glycine max
      W = 1 char abbreviation for the cultivar, in this case Williams82
      B = library type, in this case BAC
      a = library designator, in this case the lower case a signifies that this is the first BAC library made from Williams 82
      0103 = 4 char, zero-padded plate identifier
      H02 = row and zero-padded column in the plate for this clone

library descriptionofficial namealternate 1alternate 2
ISU HindIII BAC libraryGM_WBaGm_ISb001gmw1
UMC BstYI BAC libraryGM_WBbGm_MOb001gmw2
UAZ EcoRI BAC libraryGM_WBcnana

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