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Experiment GSE18517
Title: Gene expression profiling in Al-tolerant and Al-sensitive soybean under aluminum stress
Description: Gene expression profiling in soybean under aluminum stress: genes differentially expressed between Al-tolerant and Al-sensitive genotypes. Aluminum toxicity is the most important constraint of crop production on acid soils. Understanding the molecular and genetic mechanisms of tolerance is crucial for developing efficient breeding programs to improve Al tolerance. This research was undertaken to identify candidate Al-tolerance genes in soybean. Two soybean genotypes PI 416937 (Al-tolerant) and Young (Al-sensitive) seedlings were exposed to zero or 10 M Al in a growth chamber under hydroponic conditions for four time spans of 2, 12, 48 or 72 hrs. Microarray analysis was made on mRNA isolated from 1 cm long tap root tips using an Affymetrix soybean genome array. Both novel and previously reported aluminum-responsive genes were identified. The differentially expressed genes were enriched for metabolism, stress response and transporters. Multiple putative Al-tolerance genes uniquely induced in the tolerant genotype includes the up-regulation of previously identified transcription factors auxin down regulated-like protein (ADR6-like) and basic leucine zipper (bZIP 94), sulfur transmembrane transport protein and lipid transfer protein (Sec 14 ) and novel genes that include rare cold inducible protein (RCI2B ), GPI-transamidase, malonyl-COA: Isoflavone 7-O-glucoside-6_-O-malontransferase, a cell proliferation protein (WPP2), Oleosin protein, pectinestrease inhibitor, and impaired sucrose induction1. The genes identified in this study will be utilized as important genetic resources for future improvement of Al tolerance in soybean. Key words: Soybean, Al tolerance, gene expression, microarray
Platform: GPL4592
Type: Expression_GeneChip
Class: comparative
Publication: Mechanisms of magnesium amelioration of aluminum toxicity in soybean at the gene expression level(Duressa et al. 2010a)
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