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Experiment GSE29740
Title: Molecular characterization of the incompatible and compatible interaction of soybean rust disease in RPP3-containing PI462312 line
Description: Experimental design: 1 genotype: PI- (resistant USDA Plant Introduction (PI462312) line containing SBR Rpp3 resistance gene) 3 treatments: Virulent soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi Tw80-2) challenge, avirulent soybean rust challenge (Hw94-1) & mock infection 3 replications 6 time points: 12, 24, 72, 144, 216 and 288 hours after inoculation TOTAL: 54 Affymetrix GeneChip(R) Soybean Genome Arrays Mock treatment: 0.01% Tween 20 Hawaii 94 treatment: 500,000 spores per ml in 0.01% Tween 20 Taiwan 80-2 treatment: 500,000 spores per ml in 0.01% Tween 20 ****[PLEXdb( has submitted this series at GEO on behalf of the original contributor, Martijn van de Mortel (for Steve Whitham). The equivalent experiment is GM36 at PLEXdb.]
Platform: GPL4592
Type: Expression_GeneChip
Class: comparative
Publication: Biphasic gene expression changes elicited by Phakopsora pachyrhizi in soybean correlate with fungal penetration and haustoria formation.(Schneider et al. 2011a)
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