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Experiment GSE35427
Title: Transcriptional response to soybean aphid infestation in susceptible and resistant soybean plants
Description: Soybean aphids are phloem-feeding pests that can cause significant yield losses in soybean plants. Soybean aphids thrive on susceptible soybean lines but not on resistant lines. We used microarrays to characterize the soybean plant's transcriptional defense against aphids in two related cultivars, a susceptible line and a resistant line with the Rag1 aphid-resistance gene. We measured trancript levels in leaves after one and seven days of aphid infestation.
Platform: GPL4592
Type: Expression_GeneChip
Class: comparative
Publication: Multiple Phytohormone Signals Control the Transcriptional Response to Soybean Aphid Infestation in Susceptible and Resistant Soybean Plants(Studham and MacIntosh 2013a)
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