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Experiment GSE37893
Title: Methylation changes in soybean early maturation seed compartments using LCM
Description: What methylation changes are occurring in different compartments of early maturation stage seed largely remains unknown. To uncover the possible role of DNA methylation in different compartments of early maturation stage seed, we characterized the methylome of two major compartments (abaxial parenchyma and adaxial parenchyma) in embryonic cotyledon, four major compartments (parenchyma, plumule, root tip, and vascular) in embryonic axis, and seed coat layers (parenchyma and palisade) using Illumina sequencing. The whole seed coat and embryonic cotyledons were captured using LCM to serve as controls.
Platform: GPL15008
Type: Methylation_Bisulfite_Seq
Class: descriptive
Publication: Methylation Changes in Soybean Early Maturation Seed Compartments Using LCM(Goldberg et al. 2012b)
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