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Integrating Genetics and Genomics to Advance Soybean Research


Vince Pantalone (Public Breeder), Univ. of Tennessee, Overall planning and coordination
Clem Weidenbenner (Commercial Breeder), Harmony Agricultural Products in Ohio (HAPI-O) Facilities and hotel arrangements

David Walker (Public Breeder), USDA-ARS, Urbana, IL (Chair)
Jason Bond (Public Plant Pathologist), Southern Illinois University (Co-Chair)

Rich Wilson - Documenting Soybean Genomics Research
Roy Scott - National Program Update
Jim Orf, Univ. of Minnesota - Phytophtora
Katy Martin Rainey, Virginia Tech Univ. - Soybean Mosaic Virus
Brian Diers, Univ. of Illinois - Asian Soybean Rust
Stella Kantartzi, Southern Illinois Univ. - Sudden Death Syndrome
David Lightfoot, Southern Illinois Univ. - Soybean Cyst Nematode
Paul Stephens, Pioneer Hi-Bred - Pioneer Optimum GAT Technology Update
Rick Leitz - Monsanto Technology Update
Wayne Parrot, Univ. of Georgia - USB Update: Center for Soybean Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering

Nematodes, Prakash Arelli (Chair), USDA-ARS, Jackson, TN
Brian Diers, Univ. of Illinois - Breeding soybean for nematode resistance in the Midwest
Grover Shannon, Univ. of Missouri - Soybean breeding for SCN resistance in the Midsouth
Bo-Keun Ha, Univ. of Georgia - Breeding soybean for resistance to root-knot nematode
Don Hershman, Univ. of Kentucky - Hindrances to effective cyst nematode extension programming
Istvan Rajcan, Univ. of Guelph - Recent mapping efforts for SCN resistance in G. max and G. soja
Prakash Arelli, USDA-ARS, TN - Diverse sources of resistance to SCN in soybean

Frogeye Leaf Spot and SMV, Jason Bond (Chair), Southern Illinois University
Melvin Newman, Univ. of Tennessee - Soybean cultivar reaction to frogeye leaf spot
Rouf Mian, USDA-ARS, OH - Genetic resistance of soybean to frogeye leaf spot, mapping of Rcs3, and breeding for resistance
Jason Bond, So. Illinois Univ. - Identifying resistance to frogeye leaf spot in plant introductions
Saghai Maroof, Virginia Tech Univ. - Soybean mosaic virus resistance genes and their interactions

Charcoal Rot, Alemu Mengistu (Chair), USDA-ARS, Jackson, TN
Allen Wrather, Univ. of Missouri - Impact of charcoal rot and other diseases on world soybean supply
Alemu Mengistu, USDA-ARS, TN - Screening and identifying soybean lines for resistance to charcoal rot in a field environment
Glen Hartman, USDA-ARS, IL - Screening and identifying soybean lines for resistance in non-field environments
Rusty Smith, USDA-ARS, MS - Studies in genetics and breeding for resistance to charcoal rot in soybean
John Rupe, Univ. of Arkansas - Multi-environment testing for charcoal rot resistance: a regional approach
Ahmad Fakhoury, Purdue Univ. - Phasiolinone as a new tool to evaluate resistance to charcoal rot

Sudden Death Syndrome, Jason Bond (Co-Chair), SIU and Brian Diers (Co-Chair), Univ. of IL
Leonor Leandro, Iowa State Univ. - Epidemiological studies on the timing of inoculation and development of sudden death syndrome in soybean
Ahmad Fakhoury, Purdue Univ. - Identifying fungal factors affecting Fusarium virguliforme aggressiveness and SDS development
Silvia Cianzio, Iowa State Univ. - Breeding efforts for SDS resistance
Madan Bhattacharyya, Iowa State Univ. - How does the fungal pathogen, Fusarium virguliforme cause SDS?
David Lightfoot, So. Illinois Univ. - Transgenics, QTL stacks and NIL verifications for SDS

Other Soybean Diseases, Jason Bond (Co-Chair), SIU and Brian Diers (Co-Chair), Univ. of IL
Anne Dorrance, Ohio State Univ. - Resistance to Phytophthora sojae: current status and challenges

Vince Pantalone, Univ. of Tennessee - Soybean Germplasm Committee Report
David Walker, USDA-ARS, IL - Soybean Genetics Committee Report
David Walker, USDA-ARS, IL - Progress in Developing Soybean Resistant to Soybean Rust
Jim Specht, Univ. of Nebraska, Perry Cregan, USDA-ARS, MD - Selective Genotyping and Association Mapping for Protein/Oil QTLs
David Grant, USDA-ARS, IA - SoyBase & the Soybean Breeders Toolbox

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