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Integrating Genetics and Genomics to Advance Soybean Research


Katy Martin Rainey (Public Breeder), Purdue Univ. - Overall planning and coordination
Hari Ramasubramaniam (Plant Pathologist), Syngenta Seeds Inc. - Hotel arrangements
Jerry Lubich, Pioneer Hi-Bred - website
Andrea Cardinal, NC State Univ. - Program Chair, Tuesday General Session

Henry Nguyen, Univ. Missouri - Large-scale Genome Re-sequencing
Peter Morrell, Univ. Minnesota - Nextgen Pops, Genetic Load, and Other Advances and Applications in Crop Genomics
Scott Sebastian, Pioneer Hi-Bred - Context Specific MAS
Matt O'Neal, IA State Univ. - Insect Pollinators in Soybeans
Maria Ortega & Wayne Parrott, Univ. Georgia - De-bugging Soybean: A Story of Nano-spears and QTLs
M.A. Saghai Maroof, Virginia Tech - Overview of $9.2 million AFRI Phytophthora Project
Rich Joost, Production Research Pgm. Director, USB/SmithBucklin - Future Directions for United Soybean Board Breeding Funding

Stink Bug, Chair: Ames Herbert, Virginia Tech
Galen Dively, Univ. Maryland - Mid-Atlantic: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Ames Herbert, Virginia Tech - Mid-Atlantic: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Jeff Davis, LA State Univ. - Deep South: Redshouldered/redbanded Stink Bugs

Kudzu Bug, Chair: Ames Herbert, Virginia Tech
Phillip Roberts, Univ. Georgia - Southeast: Kudzu Bug
     Video 1
     Video 2
Jeremy Greene, Clemson Univ. - Southeast: Kudzu Bug
Andrea Cardinal, North Carolina State Univ. - Stink Bugs White Paper

Aphids, Chair: Dechun Wang, Michigan State Univ.
Susannah Cooper, Monsanto Co. - Soybean Aphid Biotypes: Understanding Geographic Distribution (2008-2010)
Matt O'Neal, IA State Univ. - Is One Enough?: Combining Rag Genes Improves Aphid Resistance in Soybeans
Brian Diers, Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Fine Mapping Rag1 and Rag2 and the Evaluation of New Aphid Resistance Sources
Dechun Wang, Michigan State Univ. - Fine Mapping Rag3 and Rag4 Aphid Resistance Genes
Rouf Mian, USDA-ARS, Ohio State Univ. - Mapping and Characterization of a New Soybean Aphid Resistant Gene in PI 567301B
Andy Michel, Ohio State Univ. - Molecular Interactions Between Soybean Aphid and Resistant Soybean

Perry Cregan, USDA-ARS, Beltsville - Update on SNP Genotyping of the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection
George Graef, Univ. Nebraska - Soybean Genomics Strategic Plan: Accomplishments and Updates
Tommy Carter, USDA-ARS, Raleigh - ARS Update (Including Status of Analytical Services)
Jeff Thompson, Pioneer Hi-Bred - Soybean Germplasm Committee Report
Istvan Rajcan, Univ. Guelph - Soybean Genetics Committee Report
David Grant, USDA-ARS, Ames - SoyBase Update & Tutorials
Group Discussion from the Floor to David Grant - Resequencing Data
     How will soybean breeders use resequencing data?
     What tools are needed to enable this?

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