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Fast Neutron MutantsAbout The Project

An improved nomenclature for Fast Neutron-generated mutants has been developed.
  • FN0112843.
    • FN - fast neutron-generated mutant
    • 0112843 - unique identifier for this mutant supplied by the submitting lab
    • . - seed #1 from the M2 plant named FN0112843 was advanced to the M3 generation, seed #3 from that generation was advanced to the M4 and so on up to this M5 plant
  • Individual indels identified within a mutant are named by appending '_x' to the mutant name.
    • FN0112843. = the 3rd indel identified in this mutant
Although the SoyBase pages will use the new mutant names, to allow historical continuity either the old or new mutant names can be used in any of the search functions.
In addition to providing additional information about the lines derived from the initial mutant, the nomenclature is extensible to allow similar names for other mutant types (eg. transposon insertions, EMS treatment, etc.) by replacing the initial letters with ones appropriate to the mutant type.

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Enter your sequence(s) in FASTA format into the text box. The BLAST target database is made up of genomic sequences of all of the fast neutron-induced indels. This tool can be used to quickly determine whether your favorite gene is covered by one of the indels.
The Example Data contain a gene that is covered by an indel and one that is not.
(See this page for our full suite of BLAST utilities and options)

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Download FASTA for all Fast Neutron Mutant indels

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