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Sample Information
Mutant NameFN300515
Genus speciesGlycine max
Seed Availabilityunknown
Experiment IDFN2.01
LaboratoryUSDA-ARS & UMC: Bilyeu/Stacey
Mutagenfast neutron
Mutagenesis Date2008

Derived Lines

FN300515.01.01.M4(Click to expand)
Genomic Analysis
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Phenotype and Seed Composition
SSD GenerationM4
No Data
Seed composition

No Data

CGH IDIndel IDIndel TypeChromosomeBP StartBP EndNumber of genes
FN300515.01.01.M41homozygous deletionGm0533649706337005120
FN300515.01.01.M42homozygous deletionGm1519905718208839470
FN300515.01.01.M43homozygous deletionGm1521874898243876480
FN300515.01.01.M44homozygous deletionGm19697676969778580
FN300515.01.01.M45homozygous deletionGm2010644587125587780
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