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Uniform Test Data

This is an experimental display of the data in the Northern Uniform Tests for the years 2012 and 2013. It is designed to closely approximate the main results tabels in published reports for those years. The reader is encouraged to consult the reports for the Soybean Uniform Tests for the Northern and Southern Regions for the complete reports. To use this tool:

First Step

Choose the type of data you want to see (Strains and Parentage, Descriptive and Disease Data, Regional Summary, Yield, Yield Rank, Lodging, Plant Height, Seed Quality, Seed Size, Protein, Oil or Strain Description) by clicking on their text.

Second Step

Choose the maturity group and years to see by clicking on the radio buttons. The default is to see the parentage for maturity group 00 for all years.

Last Step

The last step is to click the text 'Set Maturity Group, Year, Strain'. The data will be sorted by strain and then by year for comparison. Not all strains were tested in both years so some strains will only have values in one year.

We are actively soliciting your suggestions for how to make this tool better. If you have suggestions, please contact us with your suggestions here.

Click here for a description of the strain prefix codes
Table of Contents
Disease Data
Yield RankLodging (Score)Plant Height
Seed QualitySeed Size
(% by wt, 13% moisture)
(% by wt, 13% moisture)

Filter Reports By Maturity Group, Year and/or Strain

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Strains and Parentage for Maturity Group 0 for ALL years

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Uniform Test Maturity Group 0, All Years
20130MN0071 (00)Harmony X OT92-8OrfF5
20120MN0071 (00)Harmony X OT92-8OrfF5
20130CavalierSargent X ND96-1006HelmsF4
20120CavalierSargent X ND96-1006HelmsF4
20130MN0095 (0)M92-270029 X M93-313185 OrfF5
20120MN0095 (0)M92-270029 X M93-313185OrfF5
20130M06-320039MN0201 X MN1105SPOrfF5
20120M06-320039MN0201 X MN1105SPOrfF5
20130M06-338016ND02-971 X MN0071OrfF5
20120M06-338016ND02-971 X MN0071OrfF5
20130M07-260009NE1900 X MN0107OrfF5
20130M07-260028NE1900 X MN0107OrfF5
20130M07-396100Sheyenne X M01-257028OrfF5
20130ND09-4592ND03-7538 X ( ND01-1912 x M95-255017 )HelmsF4
20130ND09-5604ND03-5672 X HamlinHelmsF4
20130ND09-5706ND03-7267 X SheyenneHelmsF4
20120ND09-5706ND03-7267 X SheyenneHelmsF4
20130ND10-2763Sheyenne X ND03-5441HelmsF4
20130ND10-2769Sheyenne X ND03-5441HelmsF4
20130ND10-2993ND04-11329 X ND03-7566HelmsF4
20130ND10-3401ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-3417ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-3419ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-3427ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-3446ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-3449ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-3473ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-3495ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-4423ND03-7566 X ( ND03-5441 x LaMoure (2) )HelmsF4
20130ND10-4839ND03-5441 X ND03-6793HelmsF4
20130ND10-4865ND04-12603 X ND03-5037HelmsF4
20130OAC 11-13COAC Prodigy X S03-W4 HelmsF5
20130Sheyenne (0)Pioneer P9071 X A96-492041HelmsF4Rps1-c
20120Sheyenne (0)Pioneer P9071 X A96-492041HelmsF4Rps1-c
20130MN1410 (I)Unknown X UnknownOrfF5
20120MN1410 (I)Unknown X UnknownOrfF5
20130Surge (L)A86-204022 X KatoGreenF5
20120Surge (L)A86-204022 X KatoGreenF5
20130MN0095 (E)M92-270029 X M93-313185 OrfF5Rps1
20120MN0095 (E)M92-270029 X M93-313185OrfF5Rps1
20130MN0606CN (SCN)MN0901 X MN0902CNOrfF5SCN
20120MN0606CN (SCN)MN0901 X MN0902CNOrfF5SCN
20130M05-363022IA1008 X MN1011CN OrfF5SCN
20120M05-363022IA1008 X MN1011CNOrfF5SCN
20130M06-289001M00-351195 X M00-365181OrfF5SCN
20120M06-289001M00-351195 X M00-365181OrfF5
20130M06-380029Jim X PI548325OrfF5Diversity
20130M06-381085M97-136016 X PI603290OrfF5Diversity
20130ND09-4027Cavalier X ND03-6795HelmsF4Rps6, 1% hard seed
20130OAC 10-20COAC Lakeview X RCAT WildcatRajcanF5
20130OAC 10-24COAC Lakeview X SD00-167RajcanF5
20130SD06-415SDX98-76192 X N98-4445AJiangF5Oil
20130SD06-418SDX98-76192 X N98-4445AJiangF5Oil
20130SD07CV-539IA2052 X Pioneer P9092JiangF8Oil
20120SD07CV-539IA2052 X Pioneer P9092JiangF8Oil
20130SD08CV-0015M97-136016 X SD96-135-3JiangF5
20120SD08CV-0015M97-136016 X SD96-135-3JiangF5
20130SD08CV-0018M97-136016 X SD96-135-3JiangF5
20120SD08CV-0018M97-136016 X SD96-135-3JiangF5
20130SD09CV-0012Lambert X SDX02FA-5-4JiangF6Oil
20130SD09CV-0133Surge X LodaJiangF5
20130AG0532Unspecified X UnspecifiedMonsantona
20120AG0532Unspecified X UnspecifiedMonsantona
20130AG0231 (E)Unspecified X UnspecifiedMonsantona
20120AG0231 (E)Unspecified X UnspecifiedMonsantona
20130AG0808Unspecified X UnspecifiedMonsantona
20120AG0808Unspecified X UnspecifiedMonsantona
20130AG1230Unspecified X UnspecifiedMonsantonaRR
20120AG1230Unspecified X UnspecifiedMonsantonaRR
20130M06R-614008SDX00R-026-42 X N34505ROrfF5RR
20120M06R-614008SDX00R-026-42 X N34505ROrfF5RR
20130M06R-614016SDX00R-026-42 X N34505ROrfF5RR
20120M06R-614016SDX00R-026-42 X N34505ROrfF5RR
20130MN1410R2F5-83MN1410 (3) X R2 LINE FROM MONSANTO R2BC2OrfF5R2
20130MN1410R2F5-121MN1410 (3) X R2 LINE FROM MONSANTO R2BC2OrfF5R2
20130MN1410R2F5-217MN1410 (3) X R2 LINE FROM MONSANTO R2BC2OrfF5R2
20120M03-158071M97-121138 X MN0091OrfF5
20120M05-350061M00-111179 X M98-134022OrfF5
20120M06-274009MN0902CN X MN1011CNOrfF5
20120M06-274098MN0902CN X MN1011CNOrfF5
20120M06-296023M99-278133 X MN0091OrfF5
20120M06-353010M03-809245 X MN0107OrfF5
20120M06-378172MN0302 X PI445826OrfF5
20120ND09-3153ND02-992 X ND03-7747HelmsF4
20120ND09-3155ND02-992 X ND03-7747HelmsF4
20120ND09-3170ND02-992 X ND03-7747HelmsF4
20120ND09-3175ND02-992 X ND03-7747HelmsF4
20120ND09-3180ND02-992 X ND03-7747HelmsF4
20120ND09-3344ND03-7267 X ND03-5679HelmsF4
20120ND09-3381ND03-7267 X ND03-5679HelmsF4
20120ND09-3416ND03-7267 X ND03-5679HelmsF4
20120ND09-3437ND03-5030 X ND03-6793HelmsF4
20120ND09-3505Cavalier X PembinaHelmsF4
20120ND09-3724Cavalier X ND02-3783HelmsF4
20120ND09-5800ND03-7267 X SheyenneHelmsF4
20120M03-149100MN0902CN X MN0304OrfF5SCN
20120M03-172059IA2052 X MN0304OrfF5Rps1k
20120M05-243040MN1003SP X PI578425OrfF5Slow Wilting
20120ND07-2205LaMoure X ND01-1690HelmsF4Rps6
20120ND07-2303ND01-3559 X ND99-2169HelmsF4Rps1k
20120ND07-3761ProSoy X ND01-2006HelmsF4Rps6
20120M06R-613036M99-304146 X N33129ROrfF5RR
20120M06R-619017M99-386097 X N33129ROrfF5RR
20120M06R-621-1007SDX00R-017-52 X MN0206RROrfF5RR
20120M06R-621-1014SDX00R-017-52 X MN0206RROrfF5RR
20120M06R-621-7020SDX00R-017-52 X MN0206RROrfF5RR

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